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Address 2474 Anderson Rd Crescent Springs Ky 41017


Continuing the traditions started by Ken


Accident 10/6/2016 Eb 275 @ Turkeyfoot

Multi vehicle secondary accident with underride and lifting of a car. 

Vehicle overturned Grand Ave



Lumber Wreck

Load of Lumber rolled over on 3L at Kyles Ln

Car into lake

Ken's received a call for a vehicle submerged into a lake in the city of Edgewood. Ken's owner Kevin is a certified diver and was able to attach a line and floation bag to the vehicle for recovery.



Motorhome rollover

Responded to an accident at the request of another company. Unit was recovered and was able to drive away from the scene.


Tractor trailer into wall

April 10 2015 tractor trailer hit a wall south bound 75 at the ramp for 12th st knocking out the drive axles of the truck and the trailer tandems. Ken's has it's own set of trailer axles for just such emergencies.


Jeep TMPD old 16

Steel wreck


Syrup Truck Wreck

Called to respond to an accident for a tractor trailer that had struck a bridge. This is what we found upon arrival.
News link:  Syrup spill



Impala 10/14/2008

Accident on EB  275 Between SR16 and Wilder

Explorer 3-12-08

Hillside slide 3-19-08