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Impounds & Accident Towing

The cost for Impounds and accident towing is more than it is for consent towing. Impound and accident towing is more of an EMERGENCY RESPONSE and demands more equipment and training to be able to handle a wider variety of problems than you would encounter with consent (consumer originated) towing. Emergency response towing imposes restrictions as to when the tow can be completed usually causing us to place other tows on hold until that scene is cleared. In addition Emergency response allows for only a 20 minute ETA to the scene.
The paperwork requirements for release of Impounded vehicles is also quite extensive as we must maintain paperwork for several years to verify the disposition of the vehicle.

 Other Companies Entering Our Lot

While we do allow other tow companies to enter our lot we do require proof of Kentucky Worker's Compensation Insurance as well as Proof of Liability Insurance so that if they have any issues while on our lot we know we are covered. It is Law for any Employee to be covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance just as it is law to maintain Liability Insurance. We do this to ensure our safety and the safety and security of our lot.









Related Information

Impounds must be paid for with cash, Certified Bank Check or money order only.

Vehicles will be release to the REGISTERED OWNER ONLY, or with a notarized letter from the owner desiginating someone to retrieve their vehicle or belongings. Notarized letters should include the Vehicle's vin number.

Impounds are released from 8:30 AM - 5PM Monday - Friday only.